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December 4, 2011

Dare To Be Different Fashion Show

by z.lynn

Planning a major event takes time, dedication, effort and extra helpings of all three! Nothing ever goes without a hitch. Tonight’s fashion show was not exempt from that adage.

Up against a seemingly insurmountable task , ADHC Designs pulled off a great show! Hats off to the ladies and gentlemen who worked tirelessly to make this event happen.




July 6, 2011

#11 – All Things Bridal – Fascinate Them

by z.lynn

Your wedding is one very important day where you want to sparkle and shine. And why not, since you are truly the center of attention.

Some brides have opted to wear a fascinator instead of a traditional veil. A fascinator is a head covering worn on formal occasions, as was prevalent during the Royal Wedding of Will and Kate. The fascinator can take the form of a traditional hat covering most of the head or it can be a simple clip or comb with a floral or feather theme. Some brides have even chosen to include a birdcage veil which covers the face or just the eyes as a nod, of sorts, to the traditional veil.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you FASCINATE them!

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July 6, 2011

#10 – All Things Bridal – Make your list and check it twice…

by z.lynn

Creating an itinerary/checklist for the “Day Of” and even the “Week Of” your wedding is essential for a successful day.

Your “Week Of” checklist will include activities such as: 1) checking with any guests who haven’t RSVP’d so you will be able to, 2) provide a final head count to the caterer; 3) pack for your honeymoon and wedding night; 4) confirm beauty appointments, for example. Any last minute things that come up or still need to be handled must appear on this list. Provide a copy to your MOH or LIW (Lady in Waiting) so that they will be able to assist you with checking items off the list quickly.

The itinerary for the “Day Of” will have an hourly schedule of the day’s events to ensure that you stay on track. This list will also be provided to your LIW, as this is her main responsibility. She is your personal assistant (although, your MOH may also serve in this capacity.) Some brides have even created a separate itinerary for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to help keep things orderly.

Both of these lists help to keep your day orderly and stress-free. Utilize them as much or as little as you need them.

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June 7, 2011

#6 – All Things Bridal – Saving Money

by z.lynn

when it comes to wedding planning, saving money is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. if anything, it’s the opposite. weddings are notorious for costing a lot of money. that is why some have elected to elope or have small ceremonies. however, with a little creativity and flexibility, you can throw a grand bash and still save money.

during your planning stages, you can create two separate lists to figure out what are your “must haves” and what are those things that you “can live without”. if you need to, create a separate “maybe” column for those things that you would like to have and will implement if they fit into the budget.

have you ever considered:

  • having your wedding during off-peak/off-season times – daytime or Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, anyone? or what about January through March?
  • make your own decorations, invitations, favors, etc – Martha Stewart is the queen of DIY and has some great options for low-cost, easy to assemble ideas. (all photos courtesy of

  • purchasing your dress from a sample sale or getting a pre-owned dress – check out the designer’s site for your local bridal boutique for the dates of their sample sales or trunk shows; the following websites are helpful for pre-owned wedding dresses:,,,
  • having a cake and punch reception or brunch reception
  • presenting a small 1-2 tier cake for display and/or cake cutting and then serving sheet cake (your local grocery can provide sheet cakes for a fraction of the cost of a wedding cake)

these are just a few ideas. here are more resources for other ideas:

happy saving!

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June 1, 2011

#1 – All Things Bridal Event – Photography

by z.lynn

as a wedding photographer, i feel compelled to begin our 30 day journey with a wedding topic so near and dear to my heart.

your wedding is a day that you will remember for the rest of your life. you want to be able to cherish those precious moments through your wedding album for years to come. the investment, now, of your time, energies and monies will pay off in the end in the form of treasured memories that will allow you to re-live your beautiful wedding day time and time again.

photographers are artists and that being said, no two are wholly alike. it is important to choose a photographer whose style you like and who has a personality that works well with yours. along those same lines, don’t choose a photographer solely based on price. that old saying, “you get what you pay for”, sometimes reigns true in this instance. look for the quality in their work, their attention to detail, their passion for what they do – all important qualities to have in a wedding photographer.

here are some of my tips to make the experience better:

  • if you haven’t already started, start looking NOW!
  • take time to scroll through their work
  • sit down face to face to discuss your needs and get a feel for them as a person (use Skype, if they are out-of-state)
  • prepare a wedding day schedule for them as well as a list of shots that you must have and those that you don’t want
  • schedule an engagement session or bridal session; you get to see their style in action and receive tips to help you look your best on your day
  • relax and have fun

Check out these other great links for more tips:


see ya tomorrow!

have fun!





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April 29, 2011

Zack Arias recap on CreativeLIVE

by z.lynn

Zack opened his class with his favorite quote from famed photographer, Edward Weston. It goes something like this:

“The fact is that relatively few photographers ever master their medium. Instead they allow the medium to master them. A new lens to new paper to new gadgets, never staying with one piece of equipment long enough to learn its’ full capacities. Becoming lost in a maze of technical that is of little or no use since they don’t know what to do with it.”

He spoke about how there are some people out there using a $20k camera and taking some horrible photos. There are some people using point-and-shoots taking great photos. He suggested using Flickr to research what others are doing with their cameras and to see where you can improve

His point was that as photographers, before going out and getting more gear, we must know how to use the gear that we have. It is not necessary to buy every lens or new thing out there. Practice what you have until you know without a doubt what the outcome will be. The “lens is your viewpoint, you should know your output based on practice.”

Today’s agenda covered the camera, lens, subject and composition. He discussed:

  • that camera bodies will be moved out of use more quickly than anything else. Lenses, flashes and cables stay. Buy a camera, not megapixels. Its’ not about the quality of the chip, not the quantity of the megapixels.
  • his considerations for body purchases: (in order of importance) full frame vs cropped sensors, ISO performance, AF performance, ergonomics, megapixels. “Buy a camera, not megapixels. It’s about the quality of the full-sized chip not the quantity of the megapixels”
  • that you shouldn’t compose photos around AF points. Focus, then recompose
  • the basics of aperture and shutter speed and stated that we must memorize the reciprocal relationship between them like multiplication tables
  • the 3 types of metering available in-camera: evaluative, center weighted and spot
  • how perspective changes when using wide-angle lenses vs telephoto
  • how your subject should trust you and you must know their needs and expectations and meet their needs but exceed their expectations
  • the benefits to doing homework on the subject first – if they are a band, listen to their music; if they are on Facebook, look on their wall – this helps you to be able to create a common ground and make the subject comfortable in front of the camera
  • how his ability to talk to people was directly tied to him paying his rent
  • the notion that every successful photographer is a people person
  • how he likes to think of posing as ‘body language’
  • some techniques in the area of composition – rule of thirds, negative space, balance, juxtaposition, etc

He covered some of the basics today but reminded us that this is essential information that everyworking photographer should know and be practicing.  The tips and reminders that he offered like committing to memory the aperture/shutter speed reciprocals and setting specific goals to meeting new people each month will help me greatly.

Thank you Zack and CreativeLIVE for another great of session of information!


February 9, 2011

bridal photo shoot

by z.lynn

Here are some pictures from the photo shoot done as a part of my MonicaB workshop. The husband and wife duo are friends of Monica’s and are a really cute couple. The shoot took place near the infamous Krog Street Bridge in Inman Park. All while we were shooting, drivers and passersby couldn’t help but offer their congratulatory honks and statements. They’ve been married for a couple of years now, so we all enjoyed a few good laughs!

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Have a Great Day! 🙂