wishes and dreams

by z.lynn

Fauja Singh in 2007

as i’m culling through and editing my photos from a portrait shoot this weekend and wondering what in the name of pixels i’m doing – warm to cool, cool back to warm, lighter, no darker, no more contrast, less hue – the proverbial light bulb turned on and enlightened me to the fact that I don’t know what i want because i don’t know what i like and i don’t know what i like because i haven’t done it enough to figure out what i like.

i’ve had my website guy on hold for months because i don’t know what to tell him to do. yes, i know i want to do weddings, engagements, families, babies, etc. i am in love with love and all things lovely. but, what do i want my brand to say, what do i want people to come away with when they look at my work. definitely not my indecision, not my procrastination, not my disorganization. i want this so bad i can taste it, but i have to make it work. (thanks, Tim Gunn) on top of everything else that i am commissioned with, i have to find a way to put in the time to do the work to get the experience to build the business that i desire.

a 100 year old marathoner successfully completed the full-distance Toronto Race on Sunday. As the very last competitor, Fauja Singh finished the race in just over 8.5 hours. can you imagine running for 8 full hours?? can you imagine running for 8 full hours @ the age of 100??? i can’t run for 8 minutes and i’m a third of his age! he began running at age 89 and has run in several marathons since then.

his story made me teary – tearfully happy. Fauja said that it was his lifelong wish to do this. i am in awe of his determination, his endurance, his commitment, his passion. his story is just a reminder to all of us that if we believe, we can achieve. wishes and dreams are never too far off from us. it is my dream to make a career out of something that i love to do. that is my plan and i’m sticking to it. time to move forward.

dream on…


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