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June 2, 2011

#2 – All Things Bridal Event – Planning

by z.lynn

“You may now kiss the bride…”

as the ceremony came to a close, i found myself elated and excited, but also proud of the fact that i had planned my wedding and everything was going off without a hitch. YEAH, me!

now, on to the reception…

bridal party processional – check

introduction of the B&G – check

dinner – check

first dance –  check

cutting of the cake – OH NO!! where’s the knife?? and the cake server??

can you believe, i forgot them both!?! as the photographer waited for my coordinator to find a knife, i ran back through the days’ events, in my mind, to try to figure out what happened to the knife. of course, the naughty little cake knife was at home, where it shouldn’t have been! as my new H and i are cutting the cake with a plain silver knife from who knows where, I was shaking my head.

although this part of the reception wasn’t the best, overall, i wouldn’t change a thing.

My tip for the day is to plan (as much as possible) for the contingencies and the what-ifs:

  • make a list, and check it twice (i know it sounds cliché…)
  • make notes on the list as to the location of items (mom’s car, MOH’s purse, etc) so you can eliminate some of the stress of trying to track things down
  • consider adding a wedding planner to your budget, if only for the day of (it will save you a LOT of stress)
  • utilize online wedding planning software or books to assist (if hiring someone is not an option)
  • if you can not hire a planner, have a “lady in waiting” to help you keep things organized on the day of

There are many options for wedding planning online, I used as it had a detailed checklist for me to follow along with various other tools to assist in the planning. (just don’t forget to bring the items on the checklist with you to the ceremony! 🙂 )

No matter what happens, just relax and enjoy your day.

Stay tuned for more tips and trends. See you tomorrow.