Puberty, really??

by z.lynn

Oww. Ouch. My leg hurts. My arm hurts. My toe. My hair. “Oh, my neck…my back…my neck and my back!”. My baby is part hypochondriac and part drama queen! She gets it from her momma. Though, over the years, I’ve learned to reel it in, until necessary of course ;-). So, any given moment is subject to some type of proclamation of an actual or supposed ailment. Like, her throat is actually hurting now because she screamed for like two mins straight in the drive thru @ Wendy’s because a wasp was on the car window near her! But, she’s complained of headaches, off and on lately, so off to the doctor we go to investigate. This is a shot from the examining room where we awaited the consultation from the doctor yesterday.

As the NP is trying to assess the cause of her headaches, she states that kids often complain of headaches due to dehydration and lack of sleep. I’m nodding my head because these were the first things that we have been working on to address the headaches. She then goes on to say that since she is nearing puberty, the hormones could be affecting her and causing headaches…

I honestly didn’t hear much after that point. My mouth dropped open. I was reeling at the thought of my baby blossoming into a young lady (here comes my inner drama queen). My brain rewound to the time when, around the age eleven, I tried to play outside like the boys, but just didn’t feel comfortable because I had a HUGE wad of cotton strapped to my body! Around 13, when things really started to ‘fill out’, I wasn’t noticed because I could climb a tree or run faster than the boys. I got attention because of my new ‘assets’. Clothes didn’t fit right, when I would sweat water would run off me like a faucet and running, oh, that was impossible (bad aerodynamics). 

It was a really uncomfortable period for me, the emotional scars of which took years for me to rid myself of. FAST FORWARD to 2011, my baby will be ten later this year. She is already giving me a little attitude! Soon to come may be the PMS, the clothing accidents, the mood swings, the ‘why-not-to-like-THAT-boy’ speeches, the in-depth ‘birds and bees’ conversation, the ‘why-to-wait-for-marriage-to-have-sex’ conversation, the ‘no-you-WILL-NOT-be-wearing-THAT-out-of-the-house’ lecture, the acne, the cramps, the ‘i’m-a-teenager-and-I-know-any-and-everything-there-ever-was’ attitude… Aye, aye, aye, I am SOOOO not ready for all of this.

She’s a BABY. She’s MY BABY.

Several Sunday’s ago, one of our visiting speakers said that we must prepare now and fortify ourselves to withstand whatever Satan will bring upon us. Whether or not Satan is running THIS show, I must be ready for come what may. Although I probably won’t come out of it totally unscathed, I will succeed!

C’mon, puberty! Hit me with ya best shot!

Any survival tips would be much appreciated.




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