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March 9, 2011

9 March, 2011 23:31

by z.lynn

when I was little, I remember my dad calling it ‘the good book’. some people today feel that it isn’t so good, anymore; it’s not relevant today, they say; it’s outdated, others chime in. Is it really so?? Jesus taught his followers to love one another. If that simple command were practiced today by everyone, there would be no war, crime, poverty, and the like. It’s easier said than done, you may feel. That may be true, but it has to start somewhere. Wouldn’t you agree that anything worth having, is worth fighting for? It’s time to fight. Fight for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven (matt 6:9,10), fight to follow Christ’s exemplary example (1 peter 2:21), fight the negativity that is prevalent in the world-kill ’em with kindness. No man knows when a REAL change is going to come, but until then let’s help one another and show love to one another.

Have a great day!

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