getting my life together

by z.lynn

about two weeks ago, i told you about my efforts to organize myself. well, here are the latest advancements in that effort. drum roll, please…

it’s my handy, dandy notebook (nod to Blue’s Clues :-D; sidebar – it’s amazing how much of those shows i remember since my baby is now nine years old! i remember taking her to the movies and dreading the impending bathroom break because I was enjoying the movie and didn’t want to miss a moment! LOL)

this is a cute little Franklin Covey planner with cute little tabs and dividers and sections and notepads and pages all under a cute little cover with binder rings so that i can add my own papers. i’m excited about using it! feeling kinda intimidated but feel it’s necessary to “get my life together”.

Yea for me!!

at the same time, though, i’m feeling kinda bummed because i put a few offers ‘out there’ to do professional work and i didn’t hear back from some of them. growing up, my dad used to tell me that “no news is good news.” i really don’t think that applies to this case. LOL.

i also got a ‘no’ reply. the no’s are stepping-stones to the yes’, but a no is still a no. being a glass half full kind of girl with rose-colored glasses, a ‘no’ is seems almost unfathomable.

in sales, they tell you that you must expect the no’s and that the no/yes dynamic is a numbers game, so i have to increase my numbers and allow each ‘no’ take me closer to the next ‘yes’. i must also keep in mind that this is a business and treating it as such, i must continue to play in order to succeed. if i allow the no’s to stop me short of my goal or allow them to take my head out of the game, then i lose and won’t get to where i want to be.

[rolling up sleeves]

let the hard work begin!




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