blood for breakfast, anyone?

by z.lynn

just for the record, i am not a vampire. (vampires aren’t real anyway!)  i do enjoy a little blood for breakfast… blood oranges, that is. this a very interesting fruit, but don’t allow its’ appearance turn you away. you can’t judge a book by its’ cover!

according to, blood oranges are nutritionally similar to traditional oranges and have few differences:

  • darker pulp, resembling a blood-like appearance (thus the name)
  • less acidity than regular oranges

with my citrus allergy i itch like crazy, from head to toe, if i’ve had too much citrus. so the fact that the blood oranges have less acid is great for me. i remember trying the ‘master cleanse’ detox (you know, with lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup…yeah that one) and by the end of day 1, i could hardly stand the itching! so, now, i get to enjoy the juicy oranges that i love and can have as many as i want.

go on and enjoy some blood for breakfast!




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