365 project or bust!

by z.lynn

according to the project’s website,”The 365 project is a photography project where you document a year of your life by taking a daily photo…All you need is a camera.”

this project typically begins on the first day of the new year, so yes, i’m totally late in starting this project. see, what had happened was…i procrastinated…there i said it! I often just jump feet first into whatever I’m doing without any forethought. and am just like, ‘come what may – bring it on. i can handle whatever!’ that philosophy, however, shouldn’t be applied to everything as it won’t always work out  i.e. marriage, having children, etc.

so in trying a different approach to organization and planning in my life, i decided to plan this project. i planned to do this but i didn’t get started. go figure. so this is one of those things that i could have jumped foot first into. well, they always say that ‘hindsight is 20/20’.

so i’m figuring…why not start at anytime? the goal is to document one day at a time for 365 consecutive days, to improve your photography skills, to commit and follow through on such a project. it doesn’t really matter when i start, just as long as i finish, riiight?. so, that said, my 365 project will commence today and continue through until february 20, 2012.

of course, if i want to begin again next year on time, with everyone else, i will have to start the 2012 project on 01/01. but i will still have the 2011 project going on until it’s completion on 02/20/12. so i will probably have to provide 2 pics a day, technically. or would one pic suffice for both projects. but since they’re different they’d probably need different photos. aye, aye, aye!

oh, whatever, i’ll cross that bridge when i get there…for now, my 2011 project is underway! stay tuned, i’m gonna pull a picture out of my hat…




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