tomorrow is not promised…

by z.lynn

The other day, I told my girlfriend that we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. She thought I meant it in a grim, gloom and doom kind of way. I was just saying that tomorrow is not promised. We don’t know what will happen so we must take advantage of what time we do have and not take it for granted. I think that I needed to hear that more so than she did. When I think about this business adventure that I am embarking upon, I am reminded that I have to work really hard to build it and keep it afloat.

I’ve been pretty fortunate in the past but that has also made me a little lazy. I graduated high school with a B average. It could have been better, but here’s the kicker… I never studied! And before you even go there, I didn’t cheat! I simply found ways to make extra credit and worked hard. At my most favorite company to work for, I was promoted 3 or 4 times within 5 years at a small company because I worked hard. However, therein lies the problem for me, it is easier to work hard for someone else when you’re receiving a paycheck and constant positive feedback. In owning my own business, I have to be my biggest cheerleader. I left that company to start my own business and got it off the ground and maintained it on referrals.

What I’m saying is that in starting a business, you don’t have the luxury of having a steady paycheck nor is your boss coming by every so often to tell you “Good job!” Any money that is made is a direct result of my own efforts and I AM the boss. So my responsibility is to put on my big girl panties and strap in for the ride. Because there will be ups and downs and highs and lows and some really great moments in between. But I know that, come what may, I can do this and will be successful.

My immediate goals are to get my websites up and running ( and – coming soon to a web page near you!), continue to supplement my knowledge with additional training and practice (Help Wanted, please inquire within – and continue to compliment myself with more positive reinforcement than I can stand.

I love a challenge! Let’s get started!

Have a Great Day! 🙂


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